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About Freestyle

About Freestyle

Freestyle skiing is a dynamic sport featuring some of the most innovative events and highest-flying tricks in the world. The sport was named for the free and creative element introduced by athletes who resisted traditional alpine and nordic skiing. Freestyle skiing made its debut on the Olympic program in 1992 (moguls) and 1994 (aerials). 

The sport consists of three primary disciplines: aerials, moguls and dual moguls.

Athletes get started in freestyle by learning to ski at a local resort and taking ski school lessons to learn basic skills. Local U.S. Ski & Snowboard Clubs are the primary starting point for aspiring athletes, providing an introduction point with knowledgeable coaches and officials to guide them along the development pipeline. Young athletes have numerous opportunities to grow in their freestyle skiing abilities through programs like the Young Guns camp and the Elite Aerial Development Program (EADP).

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard provides education and support to its local clubs including a certification process for coaches, judges and officials and the club itself to ensure the best experience possible for athletes and parents.

So What is Freestyle?