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Faulhaber Sixth In Women's Halfpipe Finals

By Mackenzie Moran
February, 18 2022
Hanna Faulhaber
Hanna Faulhaber competes in the women's halfpipe final on Friday, Feb. 18. (U.S. Ski & Snowboard)

In a heavy women's halfpipe final on Friday, Feb. 18, 17-year-old Hanna Faulhaber led the way for Team USA, finishing in sixth overall. China's Eileen Gu walked away with her third Olympic medal and second Olympic gold after posting a score of 95.25 in her second run. Canadians Cassie Sharpe and Rachael Karker followed suit with silver and bronze. 

Team veteran and three-time Olympian Brita Sigourney finished 10th overall. Carly Margulies finished 11th.

The women experienced a significant shift in weather from qualifiers to finals, transitioning from a perfect bluebird day to a windy, snowy one. 

"The wind today really affected my training before the contest and kind of my mind state," said Sigourney. "I did what I could, and you can't always be on. It's hard when you can't display what you want to when it matters, so I'm a little frustrated. But I'm also a little relieved. It's been a crazy week and I'm happy that it's over."

Faulhaber also said she felt the pressure in practice when the high winds slowed down her hits, and she wasn't putting down the tricks she wanted to. 

"In practice, it was really tough, probably the biggest mental battle that I've ever faced," Faulhaber said about her emotions headed into the final in her Olympic debut. "I was crying throughout practice, just really trying to find myself and find why I'm doing this sport and trying to have fun again."

"I think I put quite a bit of pressure on myself going in, and being able to put something down in finals made me so happy and made me have fun again," she added.

The women's halfpipe final marks the conclusion of women's freeski events at the Olympic Games. 

The men's team will have their final shot at a medal on Saturday, Feb. 18. 


Women's halfpipe finals