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Three in Top 10 in Veysonnaz Snowboardcross World Cup

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
March, 16 2023
U.S. SBX Women dropping in for finals
U.S. Snowboardcross Women Dropping in for Finals (Veysonnaz)

Following a successful two races in Spain, March 16th, the men and women snowboardcross team completed another race day out in Veysonnaz, SUI to add to their already decorated competition season. The weather could not have been more perfect, with all riders seeing blue skies and a light breeze. 

The U.S. women started off strong with many who qualified into the 1/8th finals bracket including Lindsey Jacobellis, Stacy Gaskill, and Brianna Schnorrbush. After battling it out in the first rounds, Jacobellis, Gaskill, and Schnorrbush all advanced onto semifinals, where they would eventually all duel it out for the top spots in the small final. Ultimately, Jacobellis won the small final, which placed her fifth overall, followed by Schnorrbush in second and sixth overall, and rounding it out for the U.S. ladies, was Gaskill in third and seventh overall. 

For the men, the 1/16th finals saw, Senna Leith, Jake Vedder, Nick Baumgartner, and Hagen Kearney who all were hungry to advance to the 1/8th bracket. However, it was only Vedder, the lone U.S. athlete, to advance to the next rounds of races. He placed great times thereafter, but unfortunately was not able to advance passed that. His day concluded with a respectable 11th place, followed by Leith in 19th, Baumgartner in 22nd, and Kearney in 28th. 

The U.S. snowboardcross team will look to finish off their season with a team event in Mt. St. Anne Canada, Mar. 24-26th. 


Women's Results

Men's Results