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Dasha Romanov headshot image

Dasha Romanov

  • Hometown
    Thornton, Colo.
  • Team
    Alpine C
  • Years on Team
    3 (since 2022)
  • Born
  • Club(s)
    Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation
  • School:
    Sun Valley Community School
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


Dasha Romanov first joined the Stifel U.S. Alpine Development Team for the 2021-22 season hailing from Thornton, Colo., but having skied for the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.  Romanov had a very strong 22-23 season with multiple top five results in NorAm, finished second in the U.S. Alpine Championships slalom moving her up to the C Team. 

When she's not on the mountain, she's biking, hiking, reading, doing aquatic activities, sleeping, backcountry skiing, skating, and creating art. 

Fun fact: her first language is Russian. 

"My favorite memory as a competitor so far was traveling to my first international was so cool to meet skiers from other countries and gain international exposure!"

6 Things You Didn't Know About Dasha Romanov

  • 1. Dasha's top three athletic accomplishments include: 1) third place overall at 2020 JR Nationals, 2) fourth place at 2021 Eldora FIS UNIVERSITY SL, and 3) fourth on the slalom portion of the U.S. Nationals alpine combined.
  • 2. When she's not on the mountain, she's biking, hiking, reading, doing aquatic activities, SLEEPING, backcountry skiing, skating, creating art.
  • 3. Dasha loves kale and her cat Stormy is "the best cat ever."
  • 4. Tina Maze is an athlete that Dasha looks up to because "I just remember watching her on TV racing and being so inspired to better myself as an all-around athlete."
  • 5. She speaks both Russian and English...but Russian was her first language!
  • 6. Her goals for the upcoming season include a top 10 NoraAm tech ranking and qualifying for World Juniors.

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