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Jesse Keefe headshot image

Jesse Keefe

  • Hometown
    Bellevue, Idaho
  • Team
    Para Alpine A
  • Years on Team
    2 (since 2023)
  • Born
  • Club(s)
    Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation
  • School:
    Sun Valley Community School
  • Instagram


Having grown up in a passionate skiing family and an active ski town, Jesse found himself in skis at just two years old. Keefe was born without an ankle bone in his right leg; at 11 months old, he had his foot amputated. At age seven, he joined the Sun Valley Ski Education race team and started his journey of competitive alpine skiing. Jesse’s most memorable moment was winning the 2021 U.S. National Giant Slalom and Slalom and placing 3rd in super-G; his favorite part of alpine skiing is the speed. In three words, Jesse would describe himself as funny, kind, and adventurous, which makes perfect sense as his favorite activities are mountain biking, camping, and anything that gets him outdoors. 

When he’s not skiing or spending time outside, he loves to hang out with his dogs Cody and Finn, cat June Bug, and leopard Gekko Nikko.

Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, 9th (slalom), 15th (super combined, giant slalom), 22nd (downhill)
World Championships
2023 - 11th (alpine combined), 16th (downhill), 20th (super-G) | 2021 – 19th (Super-G), 22nd (downhill), 23rd (Super Combined), 26th (Giant Slalom)

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