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Equipment and Rules Banner

Masters Equipment & Rules

The full rules and details can be found in the respective Competition Guides:


Comp Guide Cover    FIS Masters ICR Cover

Masters Events Scheduling Guidelines

FIS Masters Precisions Northern Hemisphere 2023/2024*
*Now you can no longer come to a complete stop in any FIS event.


Fluorocarbon Wax Ban

FIS and U.S. Ski & Snowboard prohibit wax products containing fluorocarbons from use in all sanctioned competitions. See the resources below from U.S. Ski & Snowboard and FIS for cleaning skis and tuning equipment:

Course Setting Requirements
Race Helmet Requirements

Helmet FIS logoIt is REQUIRED that Masters use helmets that meet the FIS standards for FIS and U.S. Ski & Snowboard Masters competitions for all sanctioned GS, SG, DH, P, and K competitions.

Helmets which meet the FIS standard have a sticker affixed by the manufacturer that states “Conforms to FIS Specification RH 2013”.

The helmet MUST bear a “CE” mark and conform to one or more of the following helmet standards: CEH.Din 1077, ASTM F2040, SNELL S98 or RS98.

The race jury may exclude racers from competition for lack of appropriate helmet.

  • Helmets must cover the head and ears.
  • Helmets with spoilers or edges that stick out are not permitted.
  • Protective features integral to the event being contested, such as chin guards on SL helmets are permitted.
  • Soft ear protection is only permitted for helmets used in SL. (not allowed in Parallel SL)
  • Helmet mounted cameras and helmet mounts are not allowed on helmets in official training or competition.

CAUTION: Age and use affect the protective qualities of all safety helmets. Some older helmets and any helmets that have been damaged either in a racing fall or from other impact may no longer provide sufficient protection – even if there are no visible indications of damage.

Ski Requirements

Masters equipment rules conform to the FIS Masters equipment rules. U.S. Ski & Snowboard recommends that competitors in Masters events compete on equipment designed for the particular discipline (DH, SL, GS and SG) but does not make any recommendations in regard to ski length or shape. Race stock skis are not a requirement.

The race jury may exclude racers from competition for lack of physical and/or technical ability or lack of appropriate equipment.

Typical Ski Dimensions by Discipline

Men: 165 cm
Ladies: 155 cm

Men: 180-185 cm, Radius 27 m
Ladies: 175-180, Radius 23 m

Men: 185 cm  Radius 27 m
Ladies: 180 cm Radius 23 m


Ski Racing Article by Lisa Densmore: What's the Right Ski for Masters Racing?

Where do I buy race gear?

Ask your division contact or check your division website for the best options in your area.

Online Race Shops

Local Race Shops

Local Ski Swaps


Did you know?

Many masters racers have used gear in great condition they can sell you or let you borrow to get started! Don't be afraid to ask around!

Did you know?

Many masters racers have brains full of knowledge for selecting and maintaining race equipment!

Reach out in person or ask your question on our Facebook member page!

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