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Kauf, Mickel Dual Moguls National Champions

By Ryan Odeja - Stifel U.S. Ski Team
March, 24 2024
Charlie Mickel skis in Waterville

Jaelin Kauf and Charlie Mickel took home the dual moguls National Championship titles at the Toyota U.S. Freestyle Moguls Championships at New Hampshire’s Waterville Valley Resort. 

After receiving upwards of 30 inches of snow in the last 24 hours, putting on a dual moguls event seemed daunting. However, with only an hour's delay, the incredible Waterville staff and volunteers were able to clear the powder and run the event. 

Kauf, the queen of Lower Bobbies run at Waterville Valley Resort, secured her seventh National Championship title, sweeping the podium alongside Stifel U.S. Freestyle Ski Team members Elizabeth Lemley and Alli Macuga. Lemley finished just behind Kauf in second, followed by Macuga in third. This is Lemley’s second and Macuga’s first national championship podium.  

Mickel earned his second national championship title, but first in dual moguls. Gavin Tobey of Wasatch Freestyle joined Mickel on the podium in second and Jackson Crockett of Park City Ski and Snowboard in third.