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Mastro and Blackwell Third in Mammoth

By Leann Bentley
February, 4 2023
Maddie Mastro
Maddie Mastro competes in the halfpipe at the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain.

Maddie Mastro and Chase Blackwell put down solid runs to land on the podium to close out the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain.

On another windy day in Mammoth, the athletes descended into the pipe in-between wind gusts to put on a show for the fans. Mastro led the women by finishing in third and Blackwell was on the podium for the first time in his career, also in third. 

At the bottom of the pipe, with Mastro's friends holding cutouts of her face, the cheers were loud for the Mammoth local. With three runs through the pipe, Mastro put together a solid run including her signature double crippler and scored in the 80's to land herself next to second place finisher Xuetong Cai of China and the winner of the day, Ono Mitsuki of Japan. 

Mastro was the only U.S. Snowboard Team athlete that competed in finals but earlier in the week several athletes dropped into the pipe. U.S. Snowboard Team rookie athlete Sonora Alba qualified in 13th and non-named athletes representing the U.S., Zoe Kalapos, Kinsley White, Lola Cowan, Kaylie Neal and Kaili Shafer all competed. 

For the men, Blackwell stole the show by scoring his best World Cup result of his career. With Valentino Guseli of Australia and Ruka Hirano of Japan in first and second, Blackwell felt what it was like to stand on the podium in front the loud Mammoth crowd. Along with Blackwell in the finals was teammate Jason Wolle, who finished the day in tenth. From qualifications, U.S. Snowboard Team athletes, Joey Okesson, Noah Avallone, Lucas Foster and Levko Fedorowycz all competed. There were several non-named athletes who represented the U.S., including Kade Martin, Elijah Pyle, Ryan Wachendorfer and Huck Palmiter. 

Now, the snowboard teams rest and train before the World Championships in Georgia.