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New Incentive In Cross Country Skiing Aims To Increase Number Of Female Staff

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
May, 25 2022
Julia Kern
Julia Kern leads the pack during the FIS Cross Country World Cup mixed relay in Falun, Sweden. (Modica/NordicFocus)

With three-time Olympic medalist Jessie Diggins leading the way, the U.S. women’s cross-country team has made major strides in recent years.

But outside of the athletes competing, the world of cross-country skiing remains something of a boys’ club.

“Women are really underrepresented in ski coaching, but also in the technician roles, which are massive in cross-country,” says U.S. cross-country program director Chris Grover.

A new proposal submitted to the FIS cross country committee by U.S. Ski & Snowboard aims to change this paradigm. Under the new guidelines, each cross-country team on the World Cup circuit will receive a maximum of eight “course access” bibs, so long as two are used by women.

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