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Now Hiring: Eastern Regional Youth Development Coach

By Sam Damon
August, 23 2021
Eastern Youth Development Coach

Big news from the Eastern Region staff: we’re hiring! Kathy Okoniewski is transitioning over to a role in Sport Education, so we are currently looking for a Youth Development Coach to help our young athletes advance. Kathy has made a big impression over the last 5 years helping our clubs and kids be their very best. Her role has been mostly focused on U16 and U14 athletes where she’s worked with so many kids through our training projects, the U14 Eastern Champs, Can-Ams, and U16 Nationals. But she’s also organized U12 projects, done many club visits, and taken the lead in coordinating much of our in-region coaches education including last year’s virtual Language Locker sessions that so many of you participated in through your clubs. She’s made a lasting mark and set the bar high!


I’m happy to tell you that Kathy will continue to be here in the East, embedded with us as a liason to the Sport Education department. This means that she’ll continue to be here to facilitate access to the best development and education for our clubs and coaches, as well as chipping in nationally as the Sport Education staff continues to develop content and opportunities. We are super excited to support Kathy in this role, and we are so grateful for her years of hard work and service!

If you’re interested in the Youth Development Coach position, you can find the job description and application online: Click here to access it!