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Stevenson Wins Kings & Queens of Corbet's

By U.S. Ski & Snowboard
February, 15 2023
Colby hugging fellow competitor after landing run
Colby Stevenson hugging a competitor after landing his run.

This past week, Feb. 4-11, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyo., held their sixth annual Kings & Queens of Corbet's event. U.S. Freeski Team athlete Colby Stevenson, who this season alone has won an X Games gold medal and had numerous top-10 World Cup results, was selected to participate and ultimately ended up winning the entire thing.

The King's & Queen's of Corbet's is a prestigious event held annually at one of the most legendary couloirs in the World. Invited skiers and snowboarders came together to huck themselves off of a 10-20 foot couloir into a steep chute with rock walls on each side. Throughout the 'course' there are several man-made features to give the athletes a chance to show more than one trick. First, you drop into the couloir and on the way to the bottom there are two large jumps that you can choose to go off of, otherwise, you are skiing and riding down variable backcountry terrain until you hit the finish area. Thankfully for the athletes, it had just snowed a good amount the night before the event, which provided soft landings for each competitor to showcase their tricks. 

Stevenson was one of the 24 invited athletes to compete at the most famous line in North America. Days prior to this event, Stevenson had just competed at the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix in Mammoth Lakes, CA, as well as X Games in Aspen, CO, where he earned a gold and silver medal. Following his success in the slopestyle world, he was able to translate those skills to the big mountain where he took the top spot for the Kings & Queens of Corbet's, among some of the best freeride skiers in the World. 

Stevenson reflects on what this experience meant to him, "It was so fun to compete in my first big mountain competition, and have it be in the famous Corbet's Couloir. Pretty wild to go from a month of slopestyle skiing straight into it, but was definitely in the competition mindset. Every person that agrees to do that event has a screw loose, so it was fun to watch everyone send it. I'm excited to push this side of my skiing a lot more in years to come." 

We look forward to seeing more backcountry skiing from Stevenson in the near future.




Kings & Queens of Corbet's 2023