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U.S. Ski & Snowboard Stylized

By Lara Carlton
October, 2 2019

Anticipation builds before the beginning of any big event, whether it’s a World Cup competition or the New York Gold Medal Gala. Making a grand entrance on snow or on stage takes preparation. 

The athletes of U.S. Ski & Snowboard work hard all summer in the gym and at training venues perfecting their craft so that they’re ready when they get in those first start gates of the World Cup season. But on October 24, these legends will be stepping out of their snow gear and into their finery to attend the 53rd annual New York Gold Medal Gala. What goes into making sure these stars shine?

Raika Studio
The Raika Studio Salon Experience presented by John Paul Mitchell Systems'


Before competitions, each athlete has their own rituals or traditions to get them in the right headspace. Before the Gala, a common tradition among attending athletes is to take advantage of the Raika Studio salon experience presented by 20-plus year partner John Paul Mitchell Systems’. In the hours leading up to the night’s festivities, the hair stylists of Raika are hard at work turning their beanie-hair White Carpet-ready. 

Mack and Wise
Kyle Mack and David Wise looking White Carpet ready.

Personal style counts big for the athletes of U.S. Ski & Snowboard. From gracefully arcing around slalom gates to getting sendy on a big air jump, each athlete brings their personality to their run. Competing at the most elite level not only requires technical prowess, but also artistry. You can feel the passion when watching three-time Olympian aerials skier Ashley Caldwell perform quadruple-twisting backflips off the triple kicker, besting the rest in her sport. 

“We all try to show off our personalities when training and competing, but there’s only so much you can do wearing ski pants,” says Ashley. “So when we get the chance to go to the Raika Studio for the Gala, and get dressed up, it’s really fun to show people a different side of us. I love seeing a different side of my teammates and other athletes I train with at the gym and on the hill. It’s a unique experience to come together and celebrate the coming season.”

Ashley Caldwell
Ashley Caldwell is given the celebrity treatment at Raika


The New York Gold Medal Gala will raise nearly $2 million in funds that will directly support athletes’ opportunities to train and compete at the highest level. Paul Mitchell and the stylists at Raika Studio look forward to using their artistry and expertise to beautify skiing and snowboarding’s biggest stars for what is a social highlight of the year. 

Kiley McKinnon
Kiley McKinnon all glammed up


Be a part of the celebration from wherever you might find yourself on Oct. 24. National ski and snowboard team athletes are privately funded and receive no government assistance. Technology connects us more than ever and fans can show their support remotely