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Regions & Divisions - More Information

The regions and division have several functions but are primary to:

  1. Acting as a collective governance organization for a group of divisions and/or states in common cause issues

  2. Calendaring and supporting international FIS ski racing below the level of the national championships and continental cups

  3. Conducting various regional championships for different age groups

  4. Management of athletic teams of USSA member athletes from those regions to national championships and FIS continental cups

  5. Creation and management of a national development network of training and other developmental opportunities for selected regional athletes who identify themselves through competition performance and a talent identification system.

Regional and divisional management rests in the hands of the specific sport staff of U.S. Ski & Snowboard.  While this is organized nationally, each region and division may have a specific staff that deals with the varied means and methods of management of alpine skiing, freestyle and cross country within the borders of a region/division, and works to facilitate efficient operations when the regions act collectively in national projects.

Additionally, there are governance structures, under the auspices of the Sport Committees, to represent the divisions or states on various committees and working groups to develop philosophy for the sport.