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Coach Certification - Level 200

Alpine Coach Certification - Level 200

We are excited as you embark on the next step along your coach certification pathway. Your investment in creating a national coaching standard is ensuring that all of our athletes receive the best training experiences and outstanding support during competitions. 

This course prepares you to effectively develop Phase 3 through Phase 4 athletes in your program: a responsibility that U.S. Ski & Snowboard takes very seriously. Please keep in mind that this course requires a significant investment of your time and effort. As with any major certification, this course will not be completed in a weekend or even a week, but we hope you are excited by the opportunity to amplify your coaching experience with dynamic ideas and tips, as sourced from experts in the field of alpine training and competition.

The following is a summary of the entire Alpine Level 200 Certification Course experience. This is a dynamic course with several types of learning opportunities including remote group conferencing (webinars), online modules, and an in-person coaching assessment, so please review this overview to understand the required tasks for successful course completion and certification.

Introduction to Alpine Course Setting

This course is designed for any ski coach who is interested in learning how to set or improve their course setting skills. Coaches who have limited or no experience course setting must take this course prior to taking the Level 200 Alpine Technique and Tactics Certification Course.  This two-part course has been designed as a blended-learning experience. The eLearning content provides you with the knowledge you need to find success in the on-snow practicum. During the on-snow experience, you will spend a day with other coaches and one of our coach developers who will help you review and apply the information contained within the eLearning modules.

To move through the course, select the tabs above and then complete the activities within each section. The course was designed to complete in the order that information is presented.

Please note that you will need to successfully pass your course exam before you can sign up for the on-snow course setting practicum. Please don't delay moving through the eLearning content and completing the exam.

During the on-snow practicum, all coaches will be given the chance to set Slalom (SL) and Giant Slalom (GS) courses. Our coach developers will provide you with advice for setting efficiently, setting to achieve your training goals, setting to the rules, and setting for safety. Coaches will learn by setting their own courses, and by assisting other coaches with their sets. The discussion will cover course setting considerations for speed; situational course setting based on age, ability, snow conditions, and terrain; course setting rules and expectations for events; and general course setting Q&A. You must review all of the material within this course, attend the on-snow practicum, and pass the course exam with 80% or higher to complete this course and move onto the Alpine L200 certification course.

PRICE: $100.00 for the 1-day on-snow assessment. For U.S. Ski & Snowboard Coach Members only. Does not include lift tickets (most ski areas offer discounted lift tickets to clinic participants).

  • Alpine Introduction to Course Setting Itinerary: HERE
  • Register for the Introduction to Course Setting: HERE
  • Alpine on-snow Assessment (100, CS, 200) Schedule: HERE
Alpine Level 200 Assessment

PRICE: $380.00 for the 3-day assessment, Pre and Post Webinars, and Online Course. U.S. Ski & Snowboard Coach Members only. Must have a current level 100 and Introduction to Course Setting completed before you register for Level 200. Lift tickets are not included in the price (most ski areas offer discounted lift tickets to clinic participants).

  • Alpine Level 200 On-Snow Assessment Schedule: preliminary schedule will be available on September 15th, 2023
  • Alpine 200 On-Snow Itinerary: HERE
  • Register for the Alpine Level 200: HERE

REQUIRED READING: Two required resources accompany this course

1. "The Alpine Skiing Guide to Ski Fundamentals" is a requirement for this course since much of the material comes from this resource. Purchase the flipbook for $19.99 at the  U.S. Ski & Snowboard Shop.

2. "Coaching Better Every Season" by Wade Gilbert, in either the paperback or eBook version, for $26.95

PRE-MEETING WEBINAR: Coach developers will contact you and schedule a virtual meeting time to:

  1. Conduct introductions, welcome, and overview
  2. Explain expectations, grading rubrics, and criteria for candidate evaluations
  3. Introduce content in the upcoming eLearning modules (both Coaching Fundamentals and Sport-Specific Content)
  4. Review the itinerary for the On-Snow Coaching Assessment

ONLINE MODULES: This eLearning course provides you the opportunity to build upon your Coaching Portfolio as you navigate through the following tabs and content: 

  • Getting Started: Upload your First Aid/CPR and Heads Up Concussion training certificates if you haven't done so already, then select the location for your On-Snow Coaching Assessment and purchase the required resources for this course.
  • Coaching Fundamentals 200: This section of the course will introduce you to the first two sections of Dr. Wade Gilbert's book, Coaching Better Every Season. Part 1 focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a coach during the Pre-Season part of the year. Part 2 focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a coach during the In-Season part of the year. Part 3 (End of Season) and Part 4 (Off-Season) will be introduced during the new Alpine Level 300 course.
  • Equipment: Learn how to assess athlete equipment, fit each component, then evaluate athlete equipment for Phase 3 and Phase 4 athletes as they begin their competitive journey.
  • Course Setting: If you have taken the "Introduction to Course Setting" courseyou have already explored this content. If you have not, this section introduces you to the knowledge and skills you need to become an effective course setter, including roles and responsibilities of the course setter, equipment, course design, setting to terrain, the training system, safety, and preparing to set your first or next course. 
  • Technique: Review the fundamentals of skiing that were introduced in the Alpine L100 course as applied to Slalom and GS venues.
  • Tactics: Leverage alpine tactics and principles as they relate to training and competition venues.
  • Venue Safety: Understand safety systems and equipment, including how to properly deploy and maintain B Net, to help protect athletes and crew.
  • eLearning Course Assessment: Complete the eLearning Assessment covering the Coaching Fundamentals and Sport Specific content provided in this eLearning course. The exam will not open until you upload your first Aid/CPR, and Heads Up Concussion certificates, finish reviewing the course content and complete your portfolio posts. You must pass this exam with a 70% before you will be able to review the grading rubric for how you will be evaluated in the On-Snow Coaching Assessment. 

ON-SNOW COACHING ASSESSMENT: In a location of your choosing, you will review the fundamental technical and tactical aspects of ski coaching. 

You will also be assessed on your ability to teach, demonstrate, and analyze several fundamental skiing skills. 

As a reminder, after completing the eLearning Assessment, you will have the opportunity to review the grading rubric used during the On-Snow Coaching Assessment. It is highly recommended that you get out and practice these skills prior to this clinic, before delivering them in front of your coach developer.

WRAP-UP: After the On-Snow Coaching Assessment, your instructor will send you a grade according to the rubric mentioned above. If you do not receive a passing grade, you will need to re-take the class until you do. If you do pass, you will be guided to complete the following wrap-up tasks.

Survey and Course Certificate:  We have made the course feedback survey a mandatory activity because it is important that we understand what you enjoyed from this course experience and what you think we can do to improve.

Next Steps: This section offers some ideas for next steps in your development as a U.S. Ski & Snowboard coach.

Wrap-Up Webinar: Coach developers will lead a webinar with the coach candidates who successfully complete the On-Snow Coaching Assessment. Coach developers are expected to complete the following during this session:

  1. Review course content to check for retention.
  2. Point candidates to the Forum to maintain a connection with the community.
  3. Provide time for a Question and Answer Session.
  4. Introduce additional course offerings so you can gain additional coaching skills or certifications when you are ready.

Certification: Before obtaining your Level 200 certification, you must complete these requirements, if you haven't already done so:

  1. Current First Aid/CPR Certificate.
  2. Current Concussion Training Certificate.
  3. Submit a Course Setting Recommendation Form (unless you have successfully completed the Introduction to Course Setting course).
  4. Complete the Level 1 Coach Referee Course.
  5. Register for the 3-day Level 200 On-Snow Coaching Assessment.
  6. eLearning Assessment
  7. Pass all elements of the course
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Course setting recommendation submission form.