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Freeski Level 300 Coach Certification

Freeski Level 300 Coach Certification

Thank you for your interest in coach certification! The Sport Education Department is in the process of updating all of our certification courses and materials. 

In the 2024-2025 season, we will launch the Sport Education Academy, and with it, a new online learning platform. The new Sport Education Academy and certification requirements will be streamlined, economical, and comprehensive, with more opportunity for learning and mastering the new content that is being developed by top coaches and subject matter experts in the country. All existing certifications and coaching experience will be recognized and incorporated into the new certification structure.

More coming soon!


We are not hosting a level 300 Spring 2024. We are reorganizing the structure, content and delivery of the program to make it more economical, convenient and relevant to all our coaches, so we are holding off putting on any L300 courses this year. We will be launching a very comprehensive program next year during the 2024-25 season and Spring 2025.

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USASA Snowboard Coach Education Program