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Nordic Officials & Judges

Nordic Officials & Judges

Nordic officials ensure that U.S. Ski & Snowboard competitions run efficiently and fairly by the rules. They are responsible for the safe conduct of the event and the accurate timing, judging and scoring. They also play a key role in ensuring that the spirit of the sport and competition is maintained.

Cross Country Race Officials

Cross Country Race Officials include the Chief of Competition, Chief of Course, Chief of Stadium, Chief of Competition Control, Competition Secretary, and Chief of Timekeeping & Data. Collectively, this group is responsible for the technical aspects of organizing competitions. The pathway to becoming a Race Chief is through volunteering for competitions organized by your club.

The Competition Jury, composed of the Chief of Competition, Technical Delegate, Assistant Technical Delegate, and up to two assigned Members, is responsible for ensuring that the competitions are organized and conducted according to the FIS, National, and Divisional rules. The ultimate responsibility for the safe and fair conduct of the races lies with the Technical Delegate who is the Chair of the Jury.

Technical Delegates undergo an education system in order to receive certification.  Candidates are recruited from former athletes, coaches, and race organizers. It is expected that they will remain engaged in sport, interacting with coaches and athletes as well as organizing races, during their tenure as a TD. Serving as a TD is generally a volunteer vocation. Candidates are responsible for expenses related to their certification and continuing education. They are eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses, meals, and lodging when traveling for competitions, as well as a daily fee.

Cross Country Technical Delegate Certification Levels

Level 1 - TD in Training

Candidates achieve this level after taking an exam and attending a Regional or National Race Officials Seminar. Once certified, Level 1 Technical Delegates are eligible to serve on a competition jury as a TD Assistant.

Level 2 - National TD

Candidates for this level are eligible after two years of service as a Level 1 TD and two favorable evaluations of their performance as a jury member. They should be active members of their club in organizing races and available to serve at least two weekends a year. Level 2 TD are eligible to serve as the TD in any National race, except a U. S. Cross Country Championship race.

Level 3 - FIS TD

Candidates for this level are selected by the Regional Coordinators and the FIS National TD Coordinator. They should be involved in sport year-round, have a relationship with athletes and coaches, be involved in organizing competitions, and take a leadership role in developing Race Officials. They are subject to the FIS examination process. Level 3 TD is eligible to serve as a TD for FIS races as well as National races, including the U. S. Championship races.

Full details of TD advancement can be found in the TD Pipeline

Level One TD Exam

Clinics and Seminars

The 2023-24 Clinic schedule is not currently available.

TD Reporting

TD Report Instructions

TD Report Form

TD Expense Report Form

The Expense Report is a Google Sheet. To use, select File Menu -> Make a Copy -> name your new copy -> enter the relevant information on the copied form -> select File Menu ->Download PDF.

Sanction Reporting 2023-2024

Sanctions Reporting Form - 2023/2024

Sanctions issued to athletes and coaches are recorded on this form.

Sanctions List - 2023/2024

Sanctions are updated by Tuesday at noon Eastern time each week during the competition season.

Cross Country FIS Homologation Request Form

Competitions on the FIS calendar require that courses are certified through the FIS homologation system. Race organizers or venue managers who are interested in organizing FIS competitions should request homologation by using this form prior to June 1.

Divisional competitions and the Junior National Championships do not require homologation, however, the courses and venues should be designed to meet the FIS homologation standards. Organizers who regularly use a venue for Divisional competitions should consider undergoing the homologation process.

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Official Protest form for Cross Country events
Updated 11 April 2024 NRL List 10, FIS List 8
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