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Freestyle National Championships Criteria

U.S. National Freestyle Championships

The U.S. National Freestyle Championships brings together the top competitors from each division in moguls, dual moguls, and aerials.

Mogul and Dual Moguls Criteria

1. All U.S. Freestyle Ski Team athletes.

2. The top 40 ranked U.S. athletes in moguls and dual moguls from the FFSP List #7 per gender per discipline after the U.S. Ski Team. Additional athletes will not be invited to replace those athletes that are not FIS age eligible in the top 40, on the alternate list, excluded by their division, injured or competing in conflicting events.

3. The next five (5) U.S. athletes on the FFSP List #7 per gender per discipline that have not already qualified via criteria 1 or 2 will be named as alternates to the event. Alternates will be placed into the events in the order they are named and will be notified immediately. The alternates will only compete if any of the skiers qualified via criteria 1 and 2 do not accept their spot.

4. Divisions will be allotted one spot per gender, per discipline to be used at the divisions’ discretion. Divisions should notify the Freestyle Office ( of their allocations 48 hours after the invitation becomes valid. If the spot remains unused, or divisions do not notify by the 48-hour deadline the spot may be lost. If division allocation is invited to the event via criteria 3 as an alternate, the division will be allowed to choose a new division allocation. Divisions may not add to or change requirements for the quota spots described in this section apart from those spots designated as the divisional allocation.

5. All athletes that qualified via criteria 2-4 in one discipline and not the other discipline will be granted a start if they are ranked in the top 60 U.S. athletes on the FFSP List #7 (edited from competition guide) in that discipline.

2024 National Championships Invite List 

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