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Countdown to the 2022 Olympic Winter Games
Rocky Alpine Division Selections

Rocky Alpine Division Selections

For selections to out of division FIS races in the US and Canada please refer to the Intents Section.


Selection Worksheets

RMD Colorado Ski Cup and SYNC Series Advancement Guidelines

U14 and Under Guidelines

Congratulations to all athletes!!

US Nationals Selections

U16 Selections
Seeding for RC U16 Jr Championships will be as follows:

  1. The first seed of 15 will be determined based on national points and shall be randomly drawn.

  2. A special seed will follow the first seed such that each division’s top eight nationally ranked skiers will be within the first seed or the special seed. If either division does not have at least eight skiers in the first seed, then its remaining top eight ranked skiers will start in the special seed, in national point order. For example, if there are 8 Central athletes and 7 RMD athletes in the first seed of 15, there would be 1 RMD athlete in the special seed. Or, 10 RMD athletes and 5 Central athletes in the first seed, there would be 3 Central athletes in the special seed.

  3. The remainder of the field will be seeded by national points following the special seed.

U14 Selections

  • Women
  • Men

RMD U14 Seeding

Council Cup Standings

Rocky/Central U16 National Championship Athletes

U.S. National Selections - Rocky/Central

Rocky/Central Selections to US Nationals - Selections for 2021 National Championships will be done through the Nor Am quota

Rocky/Central quota to USN National Championships is 14 men and 12 women.

1.     Automatics – Top – 2 RC USA athletes, who are not already selected in the National US Nationals selection, ranked at the intent deadline by an NTSM of World Cup points in SL, GS and SG in the Nor Am and NPS series. (2 men and 2 women from Nor Am Standings and 2 men from NPS). All Automatic athletes will be purged before the Regional Selections are put together. Automatics are considered those that qualify from the National qualification lists.

2.     The regional selection, consisting of 8 Men and 8 women, will be filled by using a standard double board selection method. The board has two sides. The first side is a ranking using World Cup Points for results earned in head to head competition. There will be two series of races: 2SG/2GS in RMD and 3SL in Central, the slalom column will be determined by using the best 2 of 3 slalom results. The results will be purged of all non-Rocky/Central competitors. The second part of the board is based on U.S.Ski & Snowboard National points from the list valid on the selection date. A column is established for each event on each part of the board. The column will be listed in the order SL, GS, and SG; which will be the order of selection. The Rocky/Central Ski Cup portion of the board will be first, followed by the USSA points portion of the board. (See example below) Selections will be used from events to be contested.

3.     One spot per gender will be awarded to the RC Junior FIS Champion. Overall Champion will be determined by using World Cup points in the 2GS/2SL, all non-RC athletes will be purged. In the event the Overall Winner has already qualified for US Nationals the spot will revert to Regional Selection method in #2 and the next RC athlete on the ranking list that has not been selected will be awarded the spot.

4.     Discretionary/Development spots awarded to one for each gender to be decided by Rocky/Central Director, Rocky/Central Coach, RMD Manager and Central Manager.

Example of double board

WC point system summary:

Place Points 1st-100, 2nd-80, 3rd-60, 4th-50, 5th-45, 6th-40, 7th-36, 8th-32, 9th-29, 10th-26,11th-24, 12th-22, 13th-20, 14th-18, 15th-16, 16th-15, 17th-14, 18th-13, 19th-12, 20th-11, 21st-10, 22nd-9, 23rd-8, 24th-7, 25th-6, 26th-5, 27th-4, 28th-3, 29th-2, 30th-1

The top 30 competitors will receive place points based on World Cup Point Ranking System (100, 80, 60, 50, 45, 40, 36, 32, 29, 26, 24,22,20, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1). In the case of a tie for one of the top 30 places, each tied racer receives the points corresponding to that position. The following racers receive the points for their finish position. (E.g. a tie for 2nd: racer 1 – 100 points, racers 2 and 3 - 80 points each, racer 4 - 50 points, etc.)

All races contested per event will be used in calculating each racers World Cup points in that event. If a tie remains after all results have been considered, a racer who started the series with higher seed points will be ranked in front of racers who started the series with lower seed points in the event. Placing the racer with the best ranking on the New World Cup point board first breaks a tie on the seed point board.

Selection Procedure

Selection proceeds from left to right on each row starting with World Cup points and ending with seed points. When a racer who has already been picked is encountered in a column, the column is skipped and selection continues with the next column in the same row. When the last column in a row is reached, selection continues with the first column in the next row. Only events scheduled in the Championship Event will be part of the selection board.

New World Cup Point Board      USSA Seed Point Board

DH SL GS  SG                                DH SL  GS  SG
A    B    E     D                                  A    X    D    C
G    D    Q    E                                  F    E    X     Z
R    Z     D    Q                                 Z    M    Q    D
T    Q     B    M                                 T    D    C    Q

Selection for a 12 person, four-event team would be: (without taking Nor Am Automatics into consideration)
A, B, E, D, X, C, G, Q, F, Z, R, M

US Junior Nationals Selections - Rocky/Central

Rocky/Central quota to USN Junior Championships is 8 men and 8 women.


U19 Men's National Performance Series

There are no Men's NPS races in the 2021 season.

U16 RockyCentral Region Junior Championship Selections

The Rocky/Central U16 Junior Championships are open to all qualified U16 RMD and Central competitors and will be held in Steamboat Springs, CO March 1-5, 2021. All events, DH,SG, AC,GS,SL, will be National point scored.

  1. The Rocky Mountain Division will have the opportunity to fill 50% of the field at the U16 Junior Championship with the Central Division filling the remaining 50%.
  2. RMD will fill the field by identifying 45 male and female competitors.

Selection Criteria:

  1. RMD U16 Athletes are eligible to have automatic status to the RMD Regional Championships.  Up to 6 men and 6 women will be selected using an ITS of RMD only SL/GS points using the USSA Point list 15.  Athletes must also rank in the top 10 national U16 rank in SL or GS points.  RMD U16 athletes qualifying with automatic status to the RC Regional Championships must participate in an RMD/USSA scored series prior to designated RMD final qualification weekend.
  2. Any RMD athlete that qualifies and attends the National in season European trips will also be automatic to the RC Regional Junior Championships.  These athletes will count towards the RMD quota.
  3. Boys and girls will be selected based on their performance in the U16 qualifying events. (Jan 16 or 18 National Point scored 2DH, Jan 13 or 20, 2021 National Point scored 2SG and Feb 9-11, 2021 National point scored 2GS and 2SL)
    1. RMD U16 Automatic athletes will be ranked first on the qualifying list.
    2. The first qualifying weekend will consist of 2DH and 2SG National Point scored races; the second qualifying weekend will consist of 2SL and 2GS two-run National Point scored races.
    3. modified World Cup point system using the best 3 of 6 races.  Only one SG or DH result is eligible to use towards qualifying and ranking. Ony the first three athletes in DH will score points towards qualifying
    4. Athletes will be ranked in ascending order of their accumulated modified World Cup points in their best three (3) races, only one SG or DH result is eligible to use towards qualifying and ranking. If needed, ties will be broken using the best result(s). All races are available for tie-breaking purposes, the second SG will count as the last result used to break a tie.  An athlete would not need to finish all three races to qualify as it would be a sum of their best 3 results. 
    5. Athletes selected to and attend the National and Regional U16 European Trips will be automatics to the U16 RC Junior Championships of their respective region.  Athletes will count toward their home divisions' quota to the Regional Junior Championships.
  4. Final quotas for boys and girls will be established based on a percentage of male and female athletes to the total number of athletes who competed in the first-weekend qualifier for U16’s plus first day of the second qualifier.   Automatic athletes will be added into the total number of athletes.
  5. Two (2) boys’ and two (2) girls’ quota positions will be reserved for discretion consideration to be filled by the Competition Manager and Ability Class Committee.
  6. Once the quota has been filled, no alternates should be considered.
  7. Foreign USSA members athletes (X license) who are training and competing in Rocky or Central may qualify for the Rocky/Central U16 Junior Olympics through the respective division’s quota. RMD and CEN will each have 4 foreign quota spots total (men and women)  Foreign athletes must fall into the selection criteria that the Regional athletes have met to qualify for the Regional Championships.
U14 RockyCentral Region Junior Championship Selections

There will not a RC U14 Junor Championships held in the 2021 Series.  RMD will have a RMD U14 Junior Championships held in Vail and a U14 RMD Finale/Council Cup held at Ski Cooper.  

Selections will be as follows:

  1. The Rocky Mountain Division will have the opportunity to fill 50% of the field at the Junior Championship with the Central Division filling the remaining 50%.
  2. The Age Class Subcommittee will fill the RMD quota by identifying 95 RMD male and female competitors.

Selection Criteria:

Rocky Central Selections To U16 National Championships

U16 National Championships

Athletes will be selected to the U16 National Championships through performance at the U16 NPS or at the U16 and U14 Regional Championships.


U16 National Championships Quotas

  • National European competition trip participants 
  • YOB 2005 3 men and 3 women per region from the YOB ranking 
  • YOB 2006 5 men and 5 women per region from the YOB ranking
  • YOB 2005 and 2006 7 men and 7 women from the overall ranking

Selections for U16 athletes will be determined from the SG/GS/SL at the Regional Championships using World Cup points to rank the athletes.  The best two of three results will determine the overall ranking list.  

  1. U16 Athletes
    1. Using the overall ranking list from the respective U16 Regional Championships, the top three athletes from 2005 YOB and top five athletes from 2006 YOB competing will be selected.  Ski up athletes will not be included in this selection; they will be considered with the youngest YOB athletes. Ties will be broken by using the single best result. If a tie still exists, the next best result would be used, and this process will continue until the tie is broken. 
    2. Using the overall ranking list, the next seven athletes, not previously selected from both YOBs combined will be selected. Ties will be broken by using the single best result. If a tie still exists, the next best result (using World Cup points) would be used, and this process will continue until the tie is broken.  Ski up athletes will not be included in this selection; they will be considered with the youngest YOB athletes.
    3. There are discretion spots available if needed.  Request for discretion spots must come from the regional managers and coaches to the National Development Director.
Selections To U16 NPS And RC European U16 Trip

U16 National Performance Series
There is no U16 NPS for the 2021 Season

Rocky/Central Selections to U16 NPS

There is no U16 RC European trip for the 2021 Season

Selections To Regional And RMD Teams
Selections To The CAN AMs

Eastern U14 CAN AMs

Rocky Mountain Division will not be sending athletes to the Eastern Can Am for 1920 season. They will instead be hosting a camp for their athletes. 

Project YOG 2024 Camp 

Dates: April Travel 15, 16-19, 2020

Selection: ITS - 5 event - SL, SL, GS, GS, SG

Selection from RC U14 Junior Championships

  • Central athletes will be purged after the ITS ranking list has been made
    • 10 total, plus athletes qualified for U16 Nationals
  • Top 3 from each Year of Birth
  • Next 4 regardless of Year of Birth
  • Foreign athletes must meet the same qualification method to attend, but would not take a quota spot. *funding would not be applied to the foreign athlete