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Must-See Freeski & Snowboard Film Trailers of the Season

By Libby Arganbright
September, 19 2023
Mountain Scene

Another year, another round of big mountain descents, waist-deep powder slashes, and gnarly park and urban skiing shots, all perfectly synchronized to high-quality music, featuring some friendly and familiar faces to get you excited for the upcoming season.



"Crescendo" - Good Company 

Early mornings, long days, and late nights. The Good Company crew spent the season shredding record breaking snowfall. Everyday searching out new spots, stacking blocks, and increasing our knowledge of the mountains around us. The full season of street and backcountry moments when compiled together is truly the “Crescendo” of an all time winter.

Featuring Stifel U.S. Freeski Team athletes Colby Stevenson, Maggie Voisin, Mac Forehand, Walker Woodring and alum Tom Wallisch + Tucker Fitzsimons, Tim McChesney, Quinn Wolferman, Jake Doan, Blake Wilson, Thayne Rich and more. 


"Abstract" - The Faction Collective 

Skiing is not art, and skiers are not artists. Unless, of course, skiing is art and skiers are artists? Faction's fourth feature film exhibits pure creativity through a series of freeski sequences—from the vibrant streets of Japan, to the powdery pillows of British Columbia, to the finely-manicured terrain parks of Switzerland and Italy. Each location provides a blank canvas for the team’s artistic expression. Because nothing screams “artist” like sending large cliffs and grinding the side of buildings.

Featuring Stifel U.S. Freeski Team athletes Alex Hall and Mac Forehand + Koga Hoshino, Antti Ollila, Vasu Sojitra, Micah Evangelista, Sophia Rouches, Brooklyn Bell, Mathilde Gremaud, Sarah Hoefflin, Margaux Hackett, Giulia Tanno, Tim McChesney, Duncan Adams, Blake Wilson, Elias Syrjä, Kadi Gomis, Tormod Frostad, Matěj Švancer, Štěpán Hudeček, Gianni Biello, Dan Hanka, and Dylan Deschamps.


"Legend Has It" - Teton Gravity Research

Ski lore is riddled with stories, sometimes of unknown origin, describing plausible but extraordinary past events. Often shared on chairlifts, the skintrack, or over a beer, these legendary tales, whether it be mythical storm cycles, heroic feats, or whispers of fantastical terrain, all contribute and shape our present experience. For 28 years Teton Gravity Research has been traveling the globe with the best athletes to the most incredible locations often based on this fabled history to uncover the experience…and sometimes creating legends of our own along the way.

Featuring Stifel U.S. Freeski Team athletes Maggie Voisin, Hunter Hess and Colby Stevenson + Kai Jones, Ian McIntosh, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Griffin Post, Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Marcus Goguen, Jim Morrison, Christina Lustenberger, Colter Hinchliffe, Parkin Costain, Jim Ryan, Jake Hopfinger, Jeremy Jones, Alex Armstrong, Simon Hillis, McRae Williams, Jake Hopfinger, WeiTien Ho, and more.


"Flying High Again" - Teton Gravity Research

In a world, where the snowboard corporatocracy cares more about the next Instagram swipe, TGR and snowboard film director and pioneer, Mike Hatchett, have defied all odds to bring back the annual snowboard film. Featuring a crew of riders who need no introduction, Flying High Again celebrates what matters most: a bomber squad, rowdy soundtrack, and pure unadulterated riding action. TGR's new snowboard film, Flying High Again, premieres this October.

Featuring Hydro Flask U.S. Snowboard Team athletes Sean FitzSimons, Dusty Henricksen and Brock Crouch + John Jackson, Bode Merrill, Danny Davis, Jason Robinson, Brandon Davis, Elena Hight, Jeremy Jones, Antti Autti and others.


"The Land of Giants" - Matchstick Productions

The story of man vs. mountain is one that has captured our imaginations for centuries. But what if MSP flipped the script? What if, instead of focusing on the human element, we took a closer look at the mountains themselves? That's the premise of The Land of Giants, a new ski film that explores the most iconic mountains on Earth. From the Fjords of Norway to the spines of Alaska, we will get to know and understand the canvas that creates the most mind-melting moments in skiing. But most importantly, we'll come to appreciate their sheer beauty and power. Captured with revolutionary cinematography combined with genre bending music, The Land of Giants is not to be missed. The Land of Giants features the best skiers in the world, skiing unbelievable conditions and riding to the very edge and beyond. It's a celebration of the natural world, and a reminder of the power of the human spirit. It's a film that will leave you awestruck, inspired, and humbled. Join us on this journey into The Land of Giants.

Featuring Stifel U.S. Freeski Team athlete Colby Stevenson + Mark Abma, Sammy Carlson, Logan Pehota, Tonje Kvivik, Nikolai Schirmer, Caite Zeliff, McKenna Peterson, John Collinson, Janelle Yip, Sam Kuch, Ari Tricomi, Karl Fostvedt, Coline Ballet-Baz, Craig Murray, Emily Childs, Dennis Ranalter, Xander Guldman, Hedvig Wessel, Lucy Sackbauer, Stinius Skjøtskift, Gen Sasaki, Sam Cohen, and Marcus Goguen.


"MAGMA 3" - Magma

Featuring U.S. Ski & Snowboard athletes Alex Hall, Hunter Hess and Sean FitzSimons + thatyoungskibum and videographer Owen Dahlberg.


"Fortune Hunters" - Blank Collective Films

This winter, a fortune awaits.

Featuring Stifel U.S. Freeski Team athlete Aaron Blunck + Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, ABM, Emma Patterson, Jordy Kidner, Jess Hotter, Jonathan Rollins, Mali Noyes, Greg Hills, Wyatt Gentry, Tucker Carr, Tenra Katsuno, and Trevor Semmens.


"UNIFIED" - HEAD Freeskiing Team Movie

In HEAD Freeskiing's inaugural feature-length film, "Unified," the team explores the unifying bond around the sport we all cherish. From endless deep powder & staircases of heavenly pillows, to iconic spine filled peaks - this spirited & dynamic team takes you on a lighthearted journey through the 2023 season and the shared experiences that unite them. From Japan to Austria to Canada and beyond, watch the team's season unfold, showcasing not only their remarkable skills & irreverent humor but the incredible places their skiing adventures take them.

Featuring Stifel U.S. Freeski Team athlete Aaron Blunck + Jess Hotter, Jordy Kidner, Hedvig Wessel, Emil Granbom, Cole Richardson, Jenna Keller, Xander Gouldman, Tao Kreibich, Abel Moga, Ian Morrison, Evan McEachran, Blake Marshall, Jonathan Rollins, Jesper Tjader, Sabrina Cakmakli, Bolinger Brothers, Billy Lloyd Blainey, Luke Miele, and more.


"CAKE" - Nitro Snowboards

CAKE is a movie dedicated to showcasing the current level of “fun progression,” how pro snowboarders like to ride for fun, and hopefully motivating everyone to get out and go snowboarding with their friends.

Featuring Hydro Flask U.S. Snowboard Team athlete Hailey Langland + Eero Ettala, Marcus Kleveland, Elias Elhardt, Simon Gschaider, Jared Elston, Christy Prior, Dominik Wagner, Celia Petrig, Tom Tramnitz, Griffin Seibert, Sam Taxwood, Torgier Bergrem, Zenja Potapov, Benny Urban, Yanneck Konda, Knut Eliassen, Ludvig Billtoft, Gabriel Almqvist, Brantley Mullins, Sean Miskiman, Mateo Massitti, Dia Okajima, Toa Okajima, Yuto Yamada, Alexis Roland, Hunter Goulet, and many more!


"Hotdog Hans Fore"

Featuring Stifel U.S. Freeski Team athlete Alex Ferreira


"Sequencer" - Quiksilver Snow

Featuring Hydro Flask U.S. Snowboard Team athlete Red Gerard 


“REFLECTIONS” - Jamie Anderson

Jamie is a professional snowboarder who has won 2 Olympic gold medals and 21 X Games medals. The movie follows Anderson’s life and career, as well as her personal outlook on life, her love of snowboarding, and her process of being so dominant. The film also features riding by Elena Hight. REFLECTIONS is a must-see for fans of snowboarding and action sports.

Featuring Hydro Flask U.S. Snowboard Team athlete Jamie Anderson